The following different courses to meet the learning requirements of students at different stages of their preparation.

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Foundation Course

These are pathways programmes designed for fresh aspirants of the Civil Services Exam. These preparation courses aim at laying the right foundation and guiding aspirants to understand the demand of the UPSC exam.

Regular Course

These are assessment programmes which focus on the upcoming examination only. They aim to cover only such themes on which questions may actually be asked in the exam. Targeted courses will benefit aspirants improve their scores manifold.

Foundation Course

The Foundation Course offered by the Academy was the first course of its kind to be imparted anywhere in the country, which prepares the candidates one year in advance. Through his painstaking efforts has invented unique “Human Software Development Programme” which has been put to use while upgrading the course. The scientifically designed programme aims to stamp out all mental blockades and psychological barriers that lead to dismal performance. The course endues students not only with the relevant knowledge but will also provide right kind of orientation and skills for developing administrative traits. After finishing the course, students will get a good fix on the ways to reveal the acquired skills and traits in all the three stages of the examination.

The program undertakes thorough coverage of the prescribed syllabus of General studies and the optional subjects by well-trained subject experts and professionals. At the end of the course the students not only get hold on the prescribed UPSC syllabus but also learn the art of success and internalize the golden principles of success so as to make it an inseparable part of their personalities.

One year course

Our one year course offers a complete solution for all the three stages of Civil Service Examination viz. Prelims, Mains and Interview.

Two year course

Our 2 years course is the most comprehensive and holistic course for students pursuing graduation.

 Three year course

Our 3 years course has been designed for the students who have just cleared their +2 and wish to make a career in Civil Services Examination.

Regular Course

GS: Test Series (Pre 2019)

This is an intensive self-study and evaluation program that helps aspirants understand the real demand of UPSC paper, revise all important themes for the upcoming exam and form individual strategies to tackle time, pressure, attemptability and accuracy.

QIP + Test Series + Mains Compass (Mains 2019)

This is a highly focussed Answer Writing course followed by Tests Series for upcoming Mains exam.The program is designed to give students 360-degree support for the Main examination which starts from 20th September, 2019.

Optional: Test Series (Mains 2018)

This is a highly targeted course most suitable for aspirants appearing in Mains 2018 or targeting Mains 2019

Interview Guidance

The objective of the programme is to work on the personality issue and the knowledge aspect of the candidate.